Private Tuition

We offer private tuition and coaching in the comfort of your own home. We would strongly advise that your child develops a strong interest in chess and shows a desire to learn before you consider one-to-one coaching. The should learn about chess with children of a similar age if possible.

Our focus at CfS is not to seek out future Grandmasters but to encourage youngsters to strengthen their minds using chess as a vehicle. However, during our time working with gifted and alented children we have recommended that some enter tournaments and join local chess clubs. Some of these youngsters have gone on to compete in national tournaments and represented England in International events. At all times it should be the young person that wants to take chess further.

Many of us as youngsters may have experienced having lessons in things we were not that keen on (“forced” piano lessons for example) and chess is no exception! You will probably know when  coaching is right for your child.

We would also suggest finding a chess club that is child friendly (unfortunately not always easy) and let them take on adults and other children.  This will be a good indicator that coaching is appropriate and will be enjoyed.

Our tutors have helped a number of private students (both young and adult learners) and most have improved significantly. The very best have gone on to represent their counties and countries and won junior titles in national championships.

If you feel this is right for your child then please contact CfS.